A Great Little Camera for Your iPhone

A Great Little Camera for Your iPhone

Posted by Rainey

ProCamera is a feature rich alternative camera app for the iPhone. This iPhone app has great zooming, editing tools, retouching tools, useful visuals while shooting and more. No camera on a phone is a replacement for a good, quality camera, but this one is decent enough to have fun with and outputs some pretty nice images.

ProCamera Camera viewThis is what the viewfinder looks like in ProCamera. In expert mode, the yellow diamond lets the user set the white balance and the blue square is the focus area. Here I have AWB on. 

Actual Photo from ProCamera, 1.0x ZoomActual Photo from ProCamera, 1.0x Zoom 

Actual Photo from ProCamera, 3.0x ZoomActual Photo from ProCamera, 3.0x Zoom 


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