Scroll WordPress Theme 2.4.1 Update

Scroll WordPress Theme 2.4.1 Update

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014

The horizontal Scroll WordPress theme update 2.4.1 is a rather large and includes many features and options. With infinite scroll you can load a smaller number images at a time to speed up page loading. Also, included in this update is more granular break points for your mobile users. Posts can now be sorted in a number of different ways besides date. And, the scroll image for each post can link to any URL you wish.

Full list of improvement:

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Ability to zoom on iPhone
  • More granular break points for mobile
  • Ability order posts by date published, date modified, random and title in ASC or DESC order
  • More control over image linking
  • Pinterest Icon Option
  • Instagram Icon Option
  • Minor bug fixes

* NOTE: the image sizing changed in a previous update.  If you notice your image heights not aligning, you will want to install the plugin below to resize the images for your WordPress site.  ->

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